Three weeks to get started in French!

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Duration : 3 weeks

Schedule: 5 to 23 August 2024, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm

This intensive training, in small groups, is aimed at all graduate and postgraduate students for whom French is not their mother tongue and who wish to begin learning French.

Themes of the three weeks

Week 1: University as a living environment
Week 2: The city as a living environment
Week 3: University as a research environment

Objectives of the intensive session

  • Provide French second language learners with tools to overcome the discomfort and difficulties inherent to the learning of a new language and to the discovery of a new culture.
  • Stimulate interest in French as the main language of university life and engage these learners in a dynamic and constructive learning process.
  • Encourage the adoption of behaviors that facilitate language learning in the short and long term.

Learning Methods

Groups of ten students with one leader and one accompanying person.

Based on an intercultural perspective, the workshops offered in small groups of 10 to 12 students focus on verbal interaction in French. Participants are invited to actively engage in a variety of language tasks in dyads, triads, etc. They are faced with ice-breaker activities encouraging them to show resourcefulness and collaboration to learn to interact in French. Using short reflective capsules, they are trained to use the strategies of the “good learner” to optimize their learning. Using French becomes a means of discovering their new social, cultural, and academic environment.

Registration required at a cost of $50

Attendance of at least 80% of all workshop sessions, field trips, and visits, as well as group lunches, is required to obtain a certificate of participation.

Free intensive training

The cost of the training, group lunches, field trips, visits, as well as transportation is covered by the Chaire pour le développement de la recherche sur la culture d’expression française en Amérique du Nord (CEFAN) / Chair for the Development of Research on French-Speaking Culture in North America, a chair associated with the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. 

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Group 2
Room DKN-1447