11 mars 2024

Heure: 11h-12h30
Lieu: Pavillon Charles-De Koninck local 5168 et sur Zoom

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Conférencier: Hiroki Igarashim, China University et Université Laval, assisté de Matthew Hayes, Université Saint-Thomas

Cette conférence en anglais est une présentation du CELAT et de la Chaire DYMIG.

The existing understanding of onward migration has discussed the mobilities of people from the Global South to the North and within the Global North. This presentation introduces a pattern of onward lifestyle migration from the Global North to the South and beyond, by employing the interview data of 46 middle- and higher-class Japanese families migrating to Malaysia with children. My presentation consists of three parts. First, I explore how the development of migration infrastructure has facilitated the mobilities of people from Japan to Malaysia for purposes such as international education, retirement, and property tourism. The second part examines how Japanese families make sense in choosing Malaysia. In particular, I focus on how they evaluate international education in Malaysia as “ideal” by referring to Japanese education. Lastly, I examine how they imagine and generate their future transnational mobilities –such as return, stepwise education, and stepwise lifestyle mobilities on regional and global scales– by negotiating their lifestyle and educational aspirations. 

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