2 octobre 2023

Heure: 11h30
Lieu: Pavillon Charles-De Koninck local 5242

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Titre: Herod's Many Faces as Reflected in His Art and Architecture 

Conférencière: Orit Peleg-Barkat, maîtresse de conférences à la Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Résumé : Amongst the client kings of the early Empire, Herod is clearly the best known to scholarship, thanks to the detailed historical testimony of Flavius Josephus and the rich and nicely preserved archaeological remains of his immense construction projects. Scholarly debate has been fervently going in past decades concerning the dominance of Hellenistic and Roman influences on his rule and architecture, in an attempt to decipher the riddle of his enigmatic character. In recent years, ongoing archaeological excavations at Herodium led by the Hebrew University exposed a mausoleum, identified by the excavators as the King’s final resting place. Also exposed was a small theater with a beautifully decorated royal box, including pictures with vistas and human figures, unprecedented in Herod’s other construction projects, that generally confirm to the Jewish norm of abstention from depicting human figures. These two finds, along with other new discoveries at Herodium have led to a drastic change in our understanding of the site, named after Herod, and clearly one of his most important endeavors. 

Another important endeavor of the King, if not the most important, was his reconstruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and the enlargement of the Temple mount platform that allowed him to construct a large basilica on its southern side, the stoa basileios. Old excavations by the Hebrew University at the foot of the southern wall, where architectural pieces from this structure were collected, are only now being published, shedding light on Herod’s Royal Stoa and the architectural decoration of the Herodian Temple Mount. 

The talk will discuss the implications of these new findings on our perception of Herod’s architecture and the multiple identities and influences it reflects.