Certificat en littératures et linguistique anglaises

Structure du programme


Activités de formation communes

Cours Titre Crédits exigés
Littératures et linguistique anglaises 30
ANG-1019 Critical Writing I : Rhetoric and Communication   3
ANG-2019 Critical Writing II : Essay Forms   3
Règle 1 : 6 crédits parmi :
ANG-2001 Survey of British Literature   3
ANG-2003 History of the English Language   3
ANG-2004 Survey of American Literature   3
ANG-2008 Survey of Canadian Literature   3
Règle 2 : 18 crédits parmi :
ANG-1000 Literary Genres: Short Fiction   3
ANG-1001 English Grammar: Verbal Forms   3
ANG-1002 Introduction to Linguistics   3
ANG-1004 Literary Genres: Poetry   3
ANG-1005 Literary Genres: Theatre   3
ANG-2002 English Grammar: Nominal Forms   3
ANG-2006 Children's Literature   3
ANG-2010 Survey of Postcolonial Literatures   3
ANG-2011 African Literature   3
ANG-2012 South Asian Literature   3
ANG-2030 Nineteenth-Century British Literature   3
ANG-2035 Irish Literature   3
ANG-2040 American Literature (1890-1940)   3
ANG-2041 American Literature (1940-present)   3
ANG-2050 Contemporary Canadian Literature   3
ANG-2070 Literary Theory in English   3
ANG-2500 General and Contrastive Phonetics   3
ANG-2501 Introduction to Semantics   3
ANG-2502 Understanding Grammar   3
ANG-2503 Special Project: Community Service and Language Learning 1
ANG-2504 Special Project: Community Service and Language Learning 3
ANG-2515 Language Acquisition   3
ANG-3020 Medieval and Renaissance British Literature   3
ANG-3025 Shakespeare   3
ANG-3030 Modern British Literature   3
ANG-3100 English Canadian Literature in Quebec   3
ANG-3110 Special Topics in Postcolonial Literature   3
ANG-3140 Special Topics in American Literature   3
ANG-3150 Special Topics in English-Canadian Literature   3
ANG-3500 Introduction to Syntax   3
ANG-3512 The Verb System of English   3
ANG-3513 The Noun Phrase in English   3