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Integrated Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies and Modern Languages (Japanese)

Étienne Lehoux-Jobin

Integrated Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies and Modern Languages (Japanese)

I started studying Japanese by chance at Université Laval in 2006. At the time I barely knew anything about Japan. So it’s really through studying the language that I became fascinated by Japan and Japanese culture. As part of my bachelor’s degree in international studies and modern languages, I had the chance to attend Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka on an exchange. More recently, through the JET Program, I spent three years working as a teaching assistant in an English as a Second Language (ESL) Program in Ehime Prefecture. I’ve also done some Japanese‑to‑French translation and published a few pieces on the Japanese language. I’m currently completing a PhD on Japanese translations of Québec movies and will be moving back to Japan for my research, to Tokyo this time. I can honestly say that studying Japanese at Université Laval changed my life.

Monica Gehrig, certificate in French as a foreign language

Monica Gehrig

Certificate in French as a Foreign Language, Upper Intermediate Level

I’m a student in the French as a Foreign Language Certificate Program, upper intermediate level, at Université Laval. Before coming to Québec, I was working and had completed a master’s degree in environmental education and communications. I’d always worked for organizations that offered their programs in French and English, but I could only teach them in English. I wanted to be able to offer the programs in both of Canada’s official languages. I chose Université Laval because of its historical importance for francophones and because the school of languages has a good reputation—and with good reason! The teachers and group leaders were amazing. I had others reasons for wanting to study French, as well. Part of my family is from Québec and I wanted to find out more about the province’s history. What’s more, I had always dreamed of learning French. My goal is to stay in Québec City and work in environmental education and communications. I’m hoping to get a job with a non‑profit organization, Université Laval, or the government. Studying at Université Laval is helping me to learn French and reach my goals. It’s also a lot of fun!