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Explore- immersion program (5 weeks)

Explore- immersion program (5 weeks)

May 16 to June 18, and July 4 to August 6, 2022: offer to Canadian citizens or permanent residents

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Studying another language is a wonderful way to enrich your life, both personally and professionally, and gain a greater understanding of other cultures, with all the advantages that brings. Choose the language you want to study and see your course options. Our instructors take a personalized approach to teaching, giving you the support you need to reach your academic goals.

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Emily Han Singer

Public Speaking Course

Thanks to the public speaking course, I accepted an invitation from the Québec Hypertension Society (SQHA) to be a speaker at  their conference on January 25. I accepted the offer after discussing it with my prof. I wanted to take every opportunity that came my way to speak and apply the notions I’d learned. I have to admit that as the day approached, I started to seriously question my decision. On the day itself I was anxious, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d anticipated. I focused on deep breathing. During the presentation I tried to put the tips we learned into practice: speaking more slowly, looking at the audience, and remembering my hands and feet. I ended up getting a lot of positive feedback, especially on my presenting skills. People even told me that I looked like I was used to speaking in public. The course also ended up helping me deal with my social anxiety. I really learned a lot from the course and I try to put what I learned into practice whenever I can.

Jeffrey Parmet

French as a Foreign or Second Language Program and "Vivre en français"

"My primary goal when travelling to Quebec was to improve my French comprehension. The program “Vivre en français” and the French as a foreign language program taught me a lot about grammar, vocabulary, and phonetic correction. I learned new expressions and slang from Quebecers and the immersion showed me their culture. The program tutors created a stimulating environment to develop my French with optional activities and workshops. All in all, this program gave me a new understanding of French and an up-close perspective of the cultural background." 

Héloïse Thiboutot

Bachelor’s Degree in Translation and Short Program in Japanese

I decided to sign up for the bachelor’s degree in translation in 2017 to pursue my passion for languages and travel and for Japan in particular. I took the beginner and intermediate Japanese courses in 2018 and then travelled to Japan in the winter of 2019 to improve my Japanese and work on my karate! From the moment I started at Université Laval, I met teachers and support staff who were passionate and open‑minded who helped me chart my path. I’d especially like to thank Sonia Engberts for all her help and support. After taking the audiovisual translation course in fall 2018 I landed a position as an intern on the team that did the subtitles for Québec City’s film festival in summer 2019. The co‑op program at Université Laval has really allowed me to grow and learn about all the different opportunities in translation and interpretation.