French as a Second or Foreign Language at École de langues UL

French as a Second or Foreign Language

With more than 200 million speakers on 5 continents, French is the foreign language that we learn most often after English. The study of French not only allows you to discover a rich cultural universe, especially in the fields of arts, science and architecture, but is also an asset for anyone considering an international career.


Why study French as a Second or Foreign Language

Contrary to popular belief, French is not a difficult language. In fact, you can quickly start communicating in French after a few lessons. French does require a certain degree of precision, but the richness of the language allows you to express yourself in many different ways. Studying French can also help you learn other Romance languages (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, or Romanian), as well as English, which derives 50% of its vocabulary from French.

Placement test

École de langues offers  a free online placement test to all prospective students applying for FLE courses. École de langues also recognizes scores obtained on the TFI, DELF, TCF, and TEF tests.


École de langues is pleased to offer, for the fourth year, bursaries to support non-francophone students. 

In the summer 2020 semester, our French as a foreign language program will be offered online from July 6 to August 7. The program is adressed to students that have a level between Intermediate to Advanced. 25 bursaries of $ 600 will be offered to students pursuing a graduate program or in preparatory schooling, if they are registered to 6 credits. The recipients of the bursaries will have to commit to their studies to make the most of it .

If you are interested to the program and you have never followed any FLE courses at Université Laval, please fill this form before June 1.

For the returning FLE students, please write to Mrs. Thérèse Guay ( to manifest your interest toward the bursaries before June 1.

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Studying French may lead you to consider pursuing your studies or living in Québec. It can help prepare you for a variety of careers, whether in translation, communications, government, the private sector, or one of the many international organizations where French is the language of work.

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