French as a Second or Foreign Language at École de langues UL

French as a Second or Foreign Language

With more than 200 million speakers on 5 continents, French is the foreign language that we learn most often after English. The study of French not only allows you to discover a rich cultural universe, especially in the fields of arts, science and architecture, but is also an asset for anyone considering an international career.


The animation service offers multiple activities to help you practice what you have learned in

Intensive courses (5 and 15 weeks) - Online 2020

We are offering 5 types of activities that will allow you to practice everything you will have learned in class. These activties will be supervised by our qualified and motivated monitors.

The cost for the activities ($120) is included in the Not-for-credit course package.

This package ($120) is optional for the students registered to the For-credit course.

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Summer 2020: Registration

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Online conversation workshops

The schedule (Quebec timezone Eastern Time) and the website address for the virtual room will be provided at the beginning of the semester.

  • Two workshops per week
  • Adapted to the students level
  • The students will be divided in small groups
  • Animated by qualified monitors

Activity length : 50 to 60 minutes 

Online tutoring

From Monday to Thursday, from 6 to 8 p.m. (Quebec timezone Eastern time) 

  • The website address for the virtual room will be provided at the beginning of the semester.
  • A monitor will assist students with their homework and answer their grammatical questions.
  • Supervised by final year students in French teaching.

8 hours of tutoring per week

Weekly challenge - Individual activities

From Monday to Thursday

Participants will have to work individually on some activities and share their results.

Participants will usually have 24 hours to complete their challenge.

The challenge description will be sent to the students weekly.

Activity length : 20 to 60 minutes per challeng

Multilingual activities - Two by two activities

  • Exchange online in your first language and in French with a French speaker.
  • The meetings will take place when your schedule allows it.
  • The registration form will be provided by email to all of our students at the beginning of the semester.


Activity length : between 20 and 60 minutes per meeting.

Weekly recommendation

Every week, our team members will make you discover their French favorites.