Explore Program

What Explore offers

  • 5 weeks of French immersion in a Canadian francophone community (offered in spring and summer),
  • A program which covers the cost of the courses, the books, the accommodation and the meals,
  • Courses and activities in a renowned French school.

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Université Laval is member of the Explore program. This program is funded by the Government of Canada, allowing participants to fully engage in the program instead of worrying about money. 

What is covered by the Explore funding

  • Application fees (It’s free to apply!) 

  • Tuition fees for the program 

  • Instructional materials 

  • Workshops and cultural activities 

Are you eligible?

You are fully eligible if you fulfill both of these conditions:

  • You are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident; 

  • You have been a full-time student for at least one term during the current school year. 

Are you fulfilling these conditions? If yes, do not hesitate!

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Not eligible for the Explore program?

We offer courses to anyone around the world enthusiastic about learning French! We have the right program and the right courses for you.  

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Students' Experience

Monica Gehrig

Certificate in French as a Foreign Language, Upper Intermediate Level

“I am a student in the French as a Foreign Language Certificate Program, upper intermediate level at l’Université Laval. Before coming to Quebec city, I completed a Master degree in environmental education and communication and worked in the field. I always worked for organisations which offered programs both in French and English. However, I could only teach in English. I then chose l’Université Laval because of its major historical significance in the French-speaking world and the good reputation of l’École de langues. The teachers and tutors are indeed amazing! Many other reasons pushed me to learn French. A part of my family comes from Québec and I wanted to understand their history. Learning French was also a dream for me in my childhood. My objective is to live in Québec City and to work in the environmental education and communication field. I hope that I will be able to work for a non-profit organization, for l’Université Laval or the government. Studying at l’Université Laval will help me learn French, to have fun and, of course, to reach my goal!”

Jeffrey Parmet

French as a Foreign or Second Language Program and "Vivre en français"

"My primary goal when travelling to Quebec was to improve my French comprehension. The program “Vivre en français” and the French as a foreign language program taught me a lot about grammar, vocabulary, and phonetic correction. I learned new expressions and slang from Quebecers and the immersion showed me their culture. The program tutors created a stimulating environment to develop my French with optional activities and workshops. All in all, this program gave me a new understanding of French and an up-close perspective of the cultural background."